Die Albläufer waren unterwegs!

19. Dezember 2017


Bericht der Klasse 6a

A cool class trip

Our class trip started at 8.15 at the bus station. We waited a little bit and then the bus came. We said goodbye to our parents and when the doors of the bus opened all people went in. In the bus we sat down to our seats. During the travel we played Black Stories. After 30 minutes we reached our destination. The destination was a little bus station in Engstingen.

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Bericht der Klasse 6b

Our class trip

In the morning we met at the bus station and went to Engstingen. We were so excited. It wasn’t a long way. We played games and ate sweets. We arrived at the bus station in Engstingen at 9 o’clock. It snowed and we played snow war, while we were waiting for the instructor. A few minutes later the instructor arrived and took our luggage. Some students didn’t have their own walking boots but that was no problem. The Albläufer have enough walking boots. The instructor told us the way to the wooden hut and gave us maps and a compass so that we could find the way. We all started our way together. On the way we took photos of the snowy forest. When we arrived we had a short break and ate and drank something.

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Bericht der Klasse 6c

Travel report: Our class trip to the Swabian Alb

It was quarter past eight on a cold Monday morning. We were tired but excited. We, the students of the tutor group 6c, and our two teachers, Mr. Zmaila and Mrs. Bebensee, waited for the bus at the bus station. Ten minutes later the bus came. Finally, we went on the bus with our luggage. On the bus we played games and talked with our friends. At quarter past nine we arrived in Großengstingen at the marketplace. A man came and put our luggage in a car. The man's name was Stefan. He was one of our instructors and he gave us a map.

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Bericht der Klasse 6d


Everyone was very excited. We met at the bus staition at 8:15 a.m. Every student said good bye to their
parents and the bus arrived. The busride took 45minutes. Ona we got there,we got two maps and had to
find the Saizhütte. We walked for a very long time and then we found the Saizhütte. In the hut, we had a
little break and ate something.

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Bericht der Klasse 6e

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