Red Nose Day Project 6c

02. Juli 2016

First, you probably ask yourself what Red Nose day is. It is a charity event for people in need. Students in England often do funny events on that day to raise money for charity. In our class, we decided do that too and to donate the money to Rote Nasen Clowns im Krankenhaus. They send clowns to hospitals. The money is used mainly for children with cancer.

For our Red Nose Day event, we prepared four different stations: a cake sale, throwing balls on tins, hair-colouring and painting on hands and faces. We planned it during English and German lessons for 2 weeks. The even went well but sometimes it was hard to organise everything. On Thursday, the boys sold cake in the Aula. In the schoolyard, people could throw red balls on tins and win a prize. The red ball was because of the red nose. On Friday, we coloured the hair of other students and painted on their hands and faces. Unfortunately the red spray didn’t work but many pupils had nice drawings on their hands. We’ve raised 94 Euros but it was also very exhausting. Many people came and donated money to help people in need.

We had so much fun! Thank you very much for taking part in our activities and donating money. If you weren’t there, you’ve  missed a lot!


Von: Kathy, Maria and Alanur (from 6c)

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