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16. Februar 2016

Seitzhütte.jpgALBWALKER, 6c

On Monday, 19th October, 2015, we got up very early because we had to be at the bus station with Mr Vinzenz and Mrs Schäffer at 8.15. We were on the bus for half an hour. There, we played funny games, that was so cool. We laughed a lot. Then, we arrived at our destination. The Albwalker took our bags to the Seminarhaus Haid with their car.

First, we walked to the Seitzhütte with a map and a compas. One group made a fire. And the other groups went to an easy rope route. It was so much fun. We had a blind person. Sometimes, we had no rope to hold on to, then we helped each other. After that, we had a barbeque which was very hot, but it was yummy. After the barbeque, we walked to the hostel. Then, we got our bags and we went to our rooms. We were seven girls in our room.  The night was very exciting. We couldn't sleep  but we talked; it was great. At 11 o'clock the first girls fell asleep. The other girls slept at 1 or 2 o'clock. The bed was so hard that on the next day, our backs hurt.

It was Tuesday, 20th October, 2015. We got up at 7 o'clock like every morning. After breakfast, we had a meeting in the seminarroom. Then, everyone went to the forest. There, we had to climb trees. We couldn't fall down because there were ropes, with them, we were all safe. Many pupils couldn't climb to the top of the trees because they were afraid of the height. After the climbing, we walked back to the house. There, we could relax till dinner at 6 o'clock. We ate potatoes and chicken, it tasted really good. Then we relaxed till 9.30. Everyone had to go to bed at 10 o'clock. But most pupils didn't sleep at 10 o'clock because they talked.

On the last day in the hostel, we had breakfast at 9 o'clock. But everyone only got one pancake, though we were very hungry. Then, we had a „PaPu“, that's when you clean and pack your bag. That's lots of work. At 12.15, there was a meeting in the seminarroom. Then, we went to the bus station. The busride home was very funny. In Reutlingen, we all felt bigger because we ate lots of sweets. The Albwalker were so cool!

Von: Katharina Reiß, Romina Bunjko. Eva Koupantseli und Victoria Konrad, 6c


Albläufer 2015, 6d

On Wednesday, 21st October 2015, the class 6d set off to Haid to the Albläufer. The journey was long but the view was nice. Philipp waited for us at the bus stop in Großengstingen. He took our luggage and explained our first task. He gave us a map and a compass and we had to find the way to a forest cabin called Seitzhütte. We walked for quite a while but finally we arrived. Philipp and Anne already waited for us at the door of the little hut. We went inside, where it was nice and warm, and ate our sandwiches. Then we introduced ourselves. Afterwards we were divided into two groups. One group went with Philipp to the slackline course (Niedrigseilparcours) and the other group made a fire. They had to find firewood first. On the course the group was divided in smaller groups and each group started at a different end of the course. The goal was teamwork. One child had his eyes covered with a scarf and couldn’t see anything. The others had to help this child to get through the course. Some parts of the course were easier than others and some were hard. When someone fell down, the whole team had to start again. It was really fun to help each other. So we managed the task. Then we went back to the hut and the fire and could grill sausages. They tasted delicious. After that Philipp gave us a new map and explained the way to the Albläufer Seminarhaus. We got lost on the way, but in the end we found the right way and arrived at the house. We looked at the rooms and unpacked our stuff. Later we had a nice dinner and in the evening we played games. It was a beautiful day.

The next morning the kitchen team made pancakes for us. It was a delicious start of the day. Then Philipp and Anne took us into the forest for spruce climbing. Anne showed us how to put on the equipment. We got a map and a compass again and then we ran outside. There was one child in each group that was afraid of heights. There were six trees we could climb on. It was a beautiful day. In the evening we played games again.

On the third and last day Philipp gave us domestic tasks. We had to pack our things and clean the house and our rooms. We fulfilled all tasks and then we presented our highlights of the trip in a little show. After that we had to hurry up and walk to the bus stop to get our bus home.

Our class trip was really cool.

Von: Melo, Diana, Laura & Elena, 6d

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